Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: September 2023

Terms & Conditions for Slancha Ltd.

1. Order Changes, Cancellations, and Returns

At Slancha, we specialise in creating custom pieces, and due to the unique nature of our products, orders cannot be canceled or replaced unless the item is broken or faulty. Any changes, refunds, or cancellations to your order require prior written consent from the maker.

2. Shipping and Delivery

Each product we offer has individual shipping requirements. Shipping details, including costs and delivery times, will be confirmed once you have made an inquiry regarding a specific product or comission.

3. Damaged or Faulty Items

If you receive an item that is damaged or faulty, or if we made an error in your order, please notify us promptly. You must contact us within 30 days by emailing us at info@slancha.com

4. Return Process for Damaged or Faulty Items

  • We will cover your return shipping expenses and refund your delivery charges for items returned due to our error, damage, or faults.
  • Defective items will be replaced within the regular manufacturing time necessary to order and manufacture the piece again.
  • The product must be returned in the same condition as it was received.
  • You have a legal obligation to take care of the items while they are in your care. Failure to meet this condition may result in refusal of compensation.
  • Upon inspection of any damaged or faulty items returned, we will notify you of your refund through email within a reasonable time frame.
  • We will typically process any refunds that are owed to you as quickly as feasible.
  • Products returned due to damage or faults will be reimbursed in full, including the cost of transportation for delivering the item to you and any costs incurred by you in returning the item to Slancha Ltd., subject to acceptance by Slancha Ltd of the damaged or defective items.

5. Non-Acceptance of Returns

If we find no issue with the returned items, you will be informed that the returned product cannot be accepted. In such cases, the products will be re-delivered to you at your expense.

6. Installation and Alterations

Please note that if the product has been installed, changed, or damaged in any way, it will not be accepted as a return.

7. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions or any aspect of your order, please contact us at the following address:

Slancha Ltd. 68/4 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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