4. James Grossman

James Grossman is a designer maker who delves into the intricate interplay between organic shapes found in nature and their digital counterparts. Drawing inspiration from this symbiotic relationship, he crafts his designs by seamlessly blending simulations and digital craftsmanship. Through his meticulous process, Grossman seeks to create visually captivating works that embody the essence of tactility, connection, and containment.

Driven by a relentless curiosity, Grossman constantly pushes the boundaries of his craft, exploring uncharted territory where advanced technologies and materiality converge. By harnessing the power of these cutting-edge tools, he unlocks the potential to shape speculative futures and inspires his audiences to consider unexplored questions.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Available Works

Bubble Boi

Year: 2022
Dimensions: 98(W) x 5(D)cm
Materials: PLA Plastic
Made to order
Lead Time: 3-5 Weeks
Edition of 10

£3,500.00 GBP

Bubble Boi explores the symbiotic relationship between man and machine, where each bubble has been calculated and placed by hand to create this tactile yet mutated aesthetic. The arduous task of placing 100’s of bubbles is further reflected by the laborious task of the 3d printer. I wanted to capture this intangible object (a bubble) out of an unnatural process (3d printing).

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Bubble Cluster

Year: 2022
Dimensions: 17(W) x 17(D) x 13(H)cm
Materials: Resin
Made to order
Lead Time: 3-5 Weeks
Edition of 5

£2,000.00 GBP

Algorithmically generated study, exploring organic mutations that formulate smooth and near perfect forms.

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