10. Slancha Studio

Slancha Studio is the in-house design team of Slancha, aiming to challenge the boundaries of contemporary furniture and homeware. Founded in tandem with the wider vision of Slancha, the studio represents a combination of artistic vision and a passion for design.

Findlay and Harvey met while studying Product Design at Edinburgh College of Art where they discovered a shared interest in the interplay of form, function, and materials. Together, they  embarked on a creative journey of exploration and experimentation that would eventually lead to the establishment of Slancha Studio.

At the heart of Slancha Studio's mission is a commitment to challenging the way we engage with our surroundings and the products that inhabit them. Each project is an opportunity to experiment, evolve, and, most importantly, challenge the very essence of their design language.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Available Works

Table 001

Year: 2023
Dimensions: 44(W) x 40(H) x 27(D)cm
Materials: Locally sourced Scottish Oak and Waxed Aluminium
Made to order
Lead Time: 8 Weeks


Customisation available. Get in touch for more details

Table 001, is a side table hand crafted in Scotland from waxed aluminum and fumed Oak. Its design marries simple, interlocking geometric shapes, giving rise to an understated elegance.

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