3. Frances Ross

Frances Ross makes all her work in her large, dedicated studio in Galloway, South West Scotland. She started her practice in 2019 after a career in industry. Ross has a degree in fine art and a masters in glass and ceramics from the University of Sunderland. Her porcelain sculptural works have been exhibited throughout the UK.

Ross’ practice combines academic study with investigations of material and process. She draws inspiration from numerous directions, including environmental and elemental forces, fluid systems and deep time. She works with porcelain, stoneware, and novel fired materials such as refractory concrete and metal fibre needles. As well as sculptural works, she makes tiles and other architectural ceramics, and develops all her glazes in the studio.

Galloway, Scotland

Available Works

Fluid Screen

Year: 2021
Dimensions: 135(W) x 187(H) x 3.5(D)cm
Materials: Parian porcelain, steel, ash, metal hardware
Made to order
Lead Time: 10 Weeks

£3,960 GBP

Customisation available. Get in touch for more details

“If there is magic in this world, it is contained in water”
- Loren Eiseley

The turbulent motion of fluids, one of the most complex and unresolved areas of natural science, inspired the making of Fluid Screen. Seventy-two lustrous, translucent Parian porcelain tiles are suspended in a frame to create a freestanding sculptural and functional room divider, allowing diffuse light to pass through and glimpses of the environment beyond. Tiny quantities of metal oxides are mixed with the liquid porcelain to create subtle shifts and washes of colour. The hinged screen frame is constructed from local ash or Douglas fir.

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